Building Strong Relationships

In the logistics and delivery business, the quality of the dialogue is essential, and our main tool is reaching high level of quality.

The Strengths of Record Express

Being at the heart of the logistics and transport business means proactively communicate with both our customers and the end users.

Our team is made up of experts who fully master the details of all the phases of the logistics processes and transport. Anticipation, coordination, reactivity, this is what makes our jobs so unique. 

Our team is 100% committed to finding solutions that help you reach your objectives. And every solution we develop improves our own performance.

Record Express team is highly committed, passionate, and creative.

Last mile delivery of bulky parcels

Our Local Presence and Our Values

Record Express has been established in Brussels for almost 30 years and is still growing. From transport activities to fine logistics provider, Record Express has met all the challenges of a constantly changing sector.

We are fully aware that we are ideally located and operate as a local player. We know our environment better than anyone else. We create jobs, we facilitate trade, we promote the economic vitality of our region.

At a time when transport and logistics play a major role in the operational success of e-commerce platforms, we are proud to have become a key logistics player in Belgium.

Our local in presence in the center of Europe

Our Infrastructure

1,500m² of secure storage capacity.

  • Storage of packages
  • Pallet storage
  • Bulky parcel storage
  • Diversified fleet of vehicles
  • Qualified drivers
1,500m² of secure storage capacity
Express Delivery

What our clients say

« Record Express can, they are standing by whenever we need them, even when the deadlines are a bit unrealistic. This service, combined with their market conform prises, is the reason why we keep choosing them day after day. »

Sven Hellemans
Daddy Kate

« It’s not the
quantity that matters,
it’s the quality :-). »

Thibault Georgin

« When we decided to work with Record Express, it was because Record was able to implement logistical, IT organization, and infrastructure that meet our needs »

Arnaud Curvers
La Redoute


Fondation of Record Express

In the 90s, golden age of B2B, before e-mails… The fax is invented, information is being shared faster, packages have to follow the pace. Print ready, floppy disks, spare parts… Record Express little tortoises’, easily recognizable, are spreading all over Belgium.

Record Express takeover by Daniel Renous

Dedicated and visionary businessman, Daniel Renous sees an opportunity and becomes CEO of the company. He predicts the evolution of the delivery sector.

Development of e-commerce

In 10 years, e-commerce has literally skyrocketed. Record Express is actively involved in e-commerce and B2C.

Relocation to Anderlecht

Record Express now has a 1500m² warehouse, strengthens its driver and logistician teams while doing what they do best : express delivery.


Record Express has created a wide range of products fitting the needs of each and every one of our customers.Record Express confirms its leadership and expertise on the market and is ready to take on new challenges.

How can we work together?

Express Delivery
You need to schedule an important shipment? You need to schedule regular distribution? You need a vehicle with a driver to deliver your orders? Contact us without any delay.
E-commerce logistics outsourcing

Are you looking for a logistics solution that guarantees the complete satisfaction of your customer? Do you want to  focus on the growth of your e-commerce? We look forward to hearing from you.