What would you like to ship? To which location and in what timeframe?

RECORD is committed to find the ideal solution answering your specific requirements.


RECORD offers services tailored to your requirements be it pure transport or supply chain services. Our team will guide you in finding the optimal solution.

Focus on your core business! We take care of the transport and logistics.

RECORD guarantees not only an impeccable service, but also the best price and a excellent follow up. Throughout the years, these strengths have built the excellent reputation of RECORD.



Record Express


A fast and secure service for shipping documents, parcels and heavyweight in Belgium.


We use the appropriate transport solution – car, wagon or van – to achieve your delivery commitment.


Create your shipment online at My RECORD or contact us.


Record Nextday



Next day delivery of documents and parcels in Belgium and abroad.

RECORD works with selected subcontractors, using the appropriate transport solution – car, wagon, van or plane – to achieve the delivery commitment. This service is available in a large number of countries.



You need your shipment to be delivered the day following the collection before midday?
RECORD NEXTDAY12 is the service you need.



RECORD REGULAR is the cost effective solution for less time sensitive shipments to worldwide destinations.


Create your shipment online at My RECORD, or contact us.

Options services



Les RECORD SOLUTIONS répondent de manière fiable et efficace aux nouveaux défis que rencontrent les entreprises qui ambitionnent d’effectuer de nombreuses livraisons, au départ du monde entier et livrées sur toute l’Europe.





You are an e-seller. You import large quantities of goods and products in Europe? You have created a webshop? You need logistic services to support your web platform? RECORD is your trusted and experienced partner to take care of your large quantity shipments of documents and parcels.

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RECORD takes care of organizing your distribution rounds, both on a one off (for example Christmas gifts) and on a regular basis.

RECORD calculates and implements the optimal routing based on the collection and delivery points per geographical zone. You are notified when the driver passes by for each collection and delivery point.


For a tailored offer, contact us.